Reasons Why Men Have Affairs

Often times it can be difficult to ask, why men have affairs? Some women feel it is their fault but the truth is there are multiple reasons why it occurs. Perhaps they seek adventure or are seeking revenge but there is several reasons why it may occur.

To begin, men will sometimes carry on a affair to have a boost in their ego. When men suffer from low self esteem they are more likely to go astray from their marriage. When another woman gives them attention and makes them feel special they tend to become attached. From this, an affair may form.

Other times men are just overall dissatisfied in the marriage or relationship. We see this often after children, when women do not keep up with themselves like they once did because of their now busy lives. Men can become both emotionally and physically dissatisfied and where there is low satisfaction, an affair may occur.

Men also seek new adventure because of their love for excitement. Married life can create the same old patterns and routines so when a potential affair sprouts, they like the adventure of a new lover. Especially on the physical side because of the risk of the affair, it makes it that more exciting for men.

Males are sexual beings while women are emotional. If a couple is no longer being sexually intimate a man may go seek this need from somewhere else. Like daily routines, sex can become boring for both males and females as though it is a chore. Men do not want to feel this way and when they do, they may seek another partner to be intimate with.

Lastly, some men look for affairs for revenge. Perhaps their partner had an affair and they are trying to get back at what was done to them. It could also be that the man had been looking for a way out of the relationship and wanted to escape the particular relationship they were in.